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Your Technology Event Shouldn’t Make Children Cry

MassiveI just returned from Massive, a technology trade show put on by the folks at Techvibes. It was held at Science World (recently and despicably renamed to TelusSphere) in downtown Vancouver, and featured a ton of booths and a few conference sessions. When I say ‘at’, I mean ‘throughout’–they really took over the place.

Science World, for the unfamiliar, is a great, interactive museum dedicated to science. My fellow geeks and I have many fond memories of attending as kids, and I still enjoy going every once in a while. Additionally, as it turns out, spring break bumped up against Easter this year. Apparently, as a result, lots of kids aren’t in school today. You can see where this is going.

Scores of parents and children were showing up, only to be informed that the place is full of geeks. There was plenty of tantrums and open weeping.

TechVibes folks: next year, pick a more appropriate venue. At least choose one that doesn’t make the kids cry.

Kris of Event Blogging has many, many photos of the day’s activities (that’s his photo of Roland and Mark). Here, Boris is chatting me up.

I had mixed feelings about the event as a whole. I didn’t attend any sessions, which apparently were good if introductory. If you’re just learning about email marketing in 2005, you’re a little late to the table. They did very well in getting lots of exhibitors, but I had a hard time gauging who the average attendee was. Still, aside from the venue issues, the TechVibes people should be pretty happy with their results.

6 Responses to “Your Technology Event Shouldn’t Make Children Cry”

  1. gillian

    My fondest childhood memory of Science World: having sex in the Omnimax Theatre. Don’t worry, it was otherwise empty at the time.

  2. Arjun Singh

    I found Science World an interesting choice of venue as well, Darren. Saw some of those families walking about, starry suprise in their eyes. And as for email marketing, better late than never my friend.

  3. Shane Birley

    Yah, I was wanting to hear more about the event – now, all I can think about is Gill…err, never mind.

  4. Liz Waldner

    The speakers in 2005 were great! Dave Chalk, Mike Agerbo, Jim Carroll, all awesome.
    2006…not so great. Rather disapointing actually.
    Wondering what their 2007 lineup will be like.
    Cheers from Prince George, BC.

  5. For Sale: Creaky Web 1.0 Social Network |

    […] As I grew more experienced, and met more people, the bloom wore off the rose. I was most unimpressed with their trade show, and their events seemed to be filled with salesmen and job seekers. There’s nothing wrong with either of those groups, but when you hate networking at the best of times, it’s not ideal territory. Like their trade show, the presentations at Techvibes were really just paid sales pitches. […]

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