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Boring Site Note: Comments ‘Back’ On Track

Several of you have, while recently trying to post comments, received a notice that “your comment may contain offensive content”. This is because I erroneously added the term “back” to the blacklisted strings in my anti-comment spam setup.

It took be a while to figure out the problem because it first came to my attention when Dean tried to post a comment about Der Untergang, which featured terms like “Nazi” and “Hitler”. Neither of those terms are implicitly offensive, but I wondered if my system was being over-zealous. As usual, it was a PEBKAC and “back” was the culprit.

3 Responses to “Boring Site Note: Comments ‘Back’ On Track”

  1. jo

    Ahh, a carbon-based error, I remember those well!

  2. jo

    from when I used to be tech support…

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