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I Own Land

In two days, assuming no one gets hit by a bus and the Royal Bank doesn’t dissolve, we’re going to be the owners of three and a half acres of ‘high bank’ (meaning a cliff as opposed to a beach) waterfront property on Pender Island. It’s on the north-east side (roughly the centre of this map–Google appears to have forgotten entirely about the Gulf Islands).

As the photos show, it’s mostly a lot of trees, rock and dirt. The short-term plan is to build an outhouse and possibly a yurt, and use it occasionally for camping. In three or four years, we’ll build a house there, and live half on Pender and half in downtown Vancouver. That’s the plan. Of course, how do you make God laugh? Make a plan.

It’s a little odd to think that I own land. I mean, we currently own a condo, so in theory I own, what, roughly 1/285th of a half-city block (20 square meters?). But to think that we’ve got a big chunk of something, on which I can dance naked or build a log fort or tree house–it changes one’s perspective a little.

13 Responses to “I Own Land”

  1. alexis

    I would LOVE to see your yurt when you get it set up. After seeing them in Mongolia, I’ve become very curious about the North American ones. (The Mongolian word for yurt is ger, which rhymes with air).

  2. donna

    I like to think about the difference of owning land vs. owning a condo is with land, you own land. With a condo, you own a chunk of air. :)

    Note: I want to buy a condo. I’m not a land-person, myself. I’m happy owning air. :)

  3. Randy Charles Morin

    Congrats! Looks like a great piece of land. I’ve considered buying something near Owen Sounds and very similar. But I simply don’t take the time.

  4. James

    That sounds like an incredible plan/dream. Congrats on the purchase. Will your yurt have wi-fi?

  5. Andrea

    This sounds like a ridiculous question, but does a yurt count as a principal residence and a development for tax purposes?

  6. John Keyes

    Nice one Darren, if I make it over there sometime, we should jump on a sea-plane and head over there. Looks and sounds like a great place, congratulations.

  7. Chaminda


    Hope you figured out transportation between the island and mainland.

    I would like to do the same in near future.

  8. Tris Hussey

    As for transpo (having been doing this for 5 years) quick and easy: floatplane (I like Harbour Air) slow and leisurely: BC Ferries. And since you’re on Pender that means the much beloved Queen of Nanaimo sailing from Long Harbour.

    On the floatplane vs ferries debate, yes, floatplane costs more, but if you’re trying to get in town early the ferries will just drive you crazy. I think the best combo is actually plane over (gets you there early) and ferry back (allows you to stay later).

    It’s about $75 one way from the Gulf Islands to the Mainland on the floatplane…and yes, the view is awesome.

  9. sxKitten

    Congrats! My folks have had a place on Mayne for over 10 years now, and I love it.

    A word on ferries – if you’re taking a car, make a reservation. It’s free (unlike the cash grab they’re running on the Vancouver Islands routes), you can do it online, and it’s the only way to get on board on Friday or Sunday from now until Thanksgiving.

  10. Myles

    word of advice…buy a kayak now. question: what’s the water supply like?

  11. David Lindsey

    Great plan. How is it going since your post in April?
    Funny, I too have a similar plan. I have property on South Pender, same exposure as you. Have been considering a Yurt. There at least one on the South Is. now. What are the the by-laws though? I would like to think I can run my small business in Van on a three or four day week. As for transport, I plan to keep my options open. I have a private pilots lic, motorcycle and a daily 4Runner. Also have an old Beatle I could leave on the island. If you have not setup your yurt yet and would like help when it comes time to do so. Please feel free to ask my help.

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