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Marco Beach Ocean Resort Get Litigious Over a Urinal is, as you might expect, “the best place to piss away your time on the Internet.” It is also (and I’m guessing here), the most authoratative urinal directory on the Web. Don’t miss their top ten list (my favourites are these badboys from Hong Kong).

The site came to my attention via Bankrupt Artist:

Someone just commented on an earlier entry I had made regarding a certain company that believed that pictures of their bathroom facilities could violate some sort of trademark or copyright that they hold on ceramic fixtures. I did a search, and unfortunately, Google doesn’t return much on the first page when you search for “Marco Beach Ocean Resort” to imply that it’s run by litigious idiots.

Yes, the Marco Beach Ocean Resort actually sent a cease and desist letter to Have they nothing better to do with their time? Because can no longer actually mention the resort in question, I’m happy to do so. Even better, I’ll link their name to this artist’s impression of the resort urinal: Marco Beach Ocean Resort
. I look forward to my very own cease and desist letter. I wonder if it will be applicable in Canada?

4 Responses to “Marco Beach Ocean Resort Get Litigious Over a Urinal”

  1. Andrea

    Darren, I’m not a lawyer, but if the trademark is registered with any members of the triumvirate, they could probably go after you. And it sounds like they’re registered with the US….

  2. Darren

    Fair enough–if they’re really keen to waste their money, they’ll send me a cease and desist letter, and I’ll cease and desist.

  3. Preach

    I say if you do receive a ‘cease and desist letter’ from them that you fire back with your own ‘cease and desist letter’ asking them to ‘stop the madness’ and ‘stop touching themselves’, until such time as they can construct a urinal which keeps guys from still somehow pissing all over the bathroom floor.

  4. Dean

    Darren, I would have thought that someone in your line of work would be conversant with things like trademark and copyright.

    The Marco Beach resort, if made aware of a potential use of their trademark, must defend it, or they risk being deemed to have abandoned it.

    In such cases, the law appears to be an ass. When you read the reasoning behind it (provided in the link above), though, it makes sense.

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