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Satellite Photos of My Apartment

Forget about Yahoo and their Flickr and their 360 silliness. Google has struck back with a tres cool feature–they’ve added satellite imagery to Google Maps. I heard it first from (the de-sunglassed) Boris, that Google has folded Keyhole’s technology into their great mapping engine.

I was pretty impressed by Google Maps before, but this is, frankly, super cool. Why, here’s my apartment building from space:

Here’s a larger view. Judging by the state of construction across the street, I’d say that image is at least two years old, possibly more. Still, beggars can’t be choosers.

Of course, as I remarked in my original post, Google Maps is still only good for us North Americans. We’re a single continent floating in a vast cobalt sea.

If you find a photo of your home, post a link to it in the comments.

19 Responses to “Satellite Photos of My Apartment”

  1. Rog

    Well I tried to say something witty and intelligent about the whole maps thing, but your spam filter wouldn’t let me. =P

  2. Olaf

    They haven’t been able to get their high resolution imaging satellite over my house yet. Instead, they’ve given me this view (is this a cartoon?).

  3. Randy Charles Morin

    The picture near my house showed a nearly building only built this last winter. I’m impressed that the images are that recent.

  4. Chris

    The high-resolution shots (in major cities) are aerial flyovers, and the “cartoony” looking ones are the satellite shots. I could find my house in Vancouver easily, but my old house in Newfoundland isn’t there (just a low-res satellite shot).

  5. Preach

    From that picture it looks like you live in the median of a highway. I hope that is not true.

  6. Derek

    Rather than just linking to my house, I thought I’d suggest another neat game: find all those swimming pools in your neighbourhood that you didn’t know about.

  7. Peter Stathakos

    I was super impressed by this. Unfortunately when I tried to find my old place in Montreal the high resolution pictures were not available.

    Here are links to home and work in Vancouver.

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