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Trim Those Nose Hairs

A while back, Jen was describing a date gone wrong (the dude talked in a movie, and thus deserves to be beheaded using a dull paring knife). She mentioned that the suitor in question was not her physical type, and so I asked what that was. A few weeks later (hopefully she was doing some other stuff too), she’s formulated her answer.

Style: I like the preppy/metrosexual type. GQ meets Abercrombie & Fitch. Yes, he looks like the boy-next-door. I’m pretty girl-next-door myself, so it fits. Also, if he dresses like this, he’s probably likely to trim his nose hair.

She didn’t hold forth on facial hair. Myself, I’m always a little skeptical of those guys who seem to spend a lot of time growing and trimming their sideburns/goatees/beards. But, then, if I’ve spent more than 17 seconds on my hair, I feel it’s taken me too long.

4 Responses to “Trim Those Nose Hairs”

  1. Olaf

    Trimming your nose-hairs can be risky. If your blades are dull, or if you’re using a hand-powered trimmer (rather than gas), you’re very likely to get a nose-hair tweak. That hurts like hell and makes your eyes water.

  2. melba

    Yah, and there’s no pain, effort or risk involved in what women do for basic maintenance. None at all.

  3. s

    I concur with the perils of nose hair trimming. If you’re not prepared to breathe through your mouth for the duration you can get a lung full of unpleasantness.

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