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Window on My Web Stats

At the start of every month, there’s a brief window where I get a
look at some of the odder things people are searching for. My medicore Web stats package only displays the top twenty search terms. After a few days into the month, that list becomes extremely predictable: Michelle Branch, Indian sex, gay wrestling, etc.

After the jump, I’ve pasted the top twenty search terms that appeared on April 1. My favourite must be babes working out.

pictures of flowers
apple laptop
harold and kumar
yahoo 360 invite
belinda stronach
gongo grey
good dog for apartment
steam boy
“when will i be loved”
30 hour famine
andy livingston park
andy livingston vancouver
aragorn baby name
ass crack
babes working out
bicep tattoos
book industry
butt crack

2 Responses to “Window on My Web Stats”

  1. Joanna

    Hi there you – you sound like quite a dude…. Please, can you advise! the childs story that she reads throughout the entire film – what is the story – is it a real book – who wrote it – please – It sounds like a very beautiful book which i would love to read to my child – a very wise story –

    I do hope that I am not bothering you – or even if you still are around and about – And what an extroadinary event – i remember when the pope can to be, and he has just died! extroadinary.

    Anyway i apologise for any intrustion but would be extremely grateful if you could tell me about the book

    even if you open this in ages ahead, please still reply –

    fondest and in hope


  2. 'nee

    So… confused…

    Also, ask your host to install AWStats for you, if they can; it’s super.

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