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Blogger Meetup Reminder and News

This month’s blogger meetup thingy is this Thursday. Here’s are the fun, fun, fun details:

Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 7:00 PM

375 Water Street

Steamworks isn’t the coolest place in the world, but it’s centrally-located, big enough to accomodate our growing group, and affordable.

Speaking of our growing group, I’m asking people to RSVP. It’s getting trickier to estimate numbers, and restaurants are getting touchier about accuracy. So, please either leave a comment to say you’re coming, or RSVP in the Meetup group if you’re so inclined (thus far, 10 people have RSVP’dd). As I say below, I’d rather you RSVP’d and didn’t show than didn’t RSVP and did show.

As you’ll recall, I ran a survey about a few related Meetup issues. The results are in, and you can read the decisions that resulted in the following email I wrote to the Meetup group.

Hi folks,
Long email, but the last long email for a while, I hope.

Thanks to everybody who completed the survey over the last month–I’ve saved the results and posted them here: http://www.darrenbarefoo You can’t read the "other" responses because I’ve saved this page out of Survey Monkey, but suffice it say I’ve endeavoured to reflect them in these decisions.


* We’re going to rotate venues each month. This month it’s going to be Steamworks on Water St: Steamworks was a suggestion from a group member, and should do as it’s big and centrally-located. Next month we’ll try somewhere else, or return to one of our previous choices. I’m definitely open to further suggestions.

* I’m going to start asking people to RSVP. As the group gets larger, it becomes more important to know whether 15 or 35 people are going to attend. If you’re unsure, I’d prefer you RSVP’d Yes and didn’t show, as opposed to RSVPing No and then showing. It’s not crucial and I don’t want to become some Meetup Organizational Fascist, but it will help make things run smoother. You can always change your RSVP later, anyway.

* We’re going to stick with one meetup (and not subdivide the group).

* We’re going to have one meeting per month.

* We’re going to pass on the beercasting.

* We’re going to stick with for now as an organizational system. Hop Studios ( is kindly going to sponsor us for at least the next six months. What does that mean? They’re going to pay the US $9/month Meetup fee which was recently implemented. I’ve added them as a sponsor in the group description, and will try to get their logo up on the Meetup page, if that’s possible.

If you’re interested in more background on this, read my post:, followed by Travis’s (of Hop Studios) reply: Travis then emailed me and decided to put his money where his month is. isn’t perfect, but it’s the least pain from an administrative perspective.