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Boring Site Note: Bloglines Doesn’t Like My Feed

Just a quick FYI: some time over the past week or so, Bloglines choked on this site’s RSS feed. I’ve checked, and corrected a couple of illegal characters which may have been causing the problem. It validates now, so I’m keeping an eye on it, and hopefully the problem will correct itself. If not, I will hassle the Bloglines folks.

UPDATE: Bloglines seems to like my feed again.

3 Responses to “Boring Site Note: Bloglines Doesn’t Like My Feed”

  1. Les

    It’s been a while since I dropped in on your space … liking the new look DB.

  2. Wilson

    Oh, you too? Bloglines doesn’t like one of my feeds either. I also fixed a few illegal characters, it validates, and they still won’t update it. It’s been weeks now…

  3. Devon

    No wonder I’ve been missing you! I just got the last 10 of your updates all at once. Damn Bloglines. No wonder I intensely dislike them. :)

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