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Change the Way You Hunt for Apartments

Travis points to a groovy Web app that’s a mashup of Craig’s List and Google Maps. I haven’t apartment-hunted for a couple of years, but I can see this would be a really useful tool. Mind you, it only displays Craig’s List listings, so you’re limited to the sort of apartments that get listed there-in (I don’t know which sort that is, but I assume it’s an identifiable subset of the whole).

My first feature request: like Google Maps, ensure that any view can be linked to, so that I can send a prospective listing to my potential roommate.

2 Responses to “Change the Way You Hunt for Apartments”

  1. donna

    surprisingly, I’ve found two apartments via craigslist — my current place, and my yaletown place. I was extremely happy with both solutions.

    I have, of course, also found great gobs of crap through craigslist, but the same goes for the paper. :)

  2. Jo

    When you first posted about Google maps my thought was to view an area I wanted to live (Kerrisdale at that time) and see where apartment buildings might be and then go cruise the neighbourhood. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get enough detail to find prospective streets. My request would be for more zooming ability!

    craigslist is probably how i’ll end up doing things.

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