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Ghoulish Tuesday Time Waster

Courtesy of Good Morning Silicon Valley, here’s a charmingly ghoulish shoot ’em up game apparently based on stories by H. P. Lovecraft. It’s called Deanimator. I got to stage 6 on my first go. It kept saying that I’d found shotgun shells, but there was no apparent ways to trade up on my six-shooter.

With some advice, I got to stage 9 and 81 points. Thanks, double-plus-ungood.

4 Responses to “Ghoulish Tuesday Time Waster”

  1. Jack

    Sure the boom-stick is nice and all, but it’s too slow to reload and doesn’t hold as many shots. Stick to the pistol. Also, if you can shoot them when they’re getting up you can usually banish them with only one shot.

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