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Is it Gay to Send Flowers to a Guy?

The first of the month always offers a unique view of why people reach my site. This difficult question was among the top twenty search phrases of today, May 1st. I’m assuming that the questioner is a guy as well.

What’s the answer? A little, I guess. I’m trying to imagine circumstances in which I would send flowers to a male friend or colleague. Aside from several cruel pranks I can invisage, I can’t think of any.

11 Responses to “Is it Gay to Send Flowers to a Guy?”

  1. Ryan Schultz (Quiplash)

    1. I used to eagerly look at how people were searching when I had my first blog up (as I live the questions, now down). I realized that, at least in my case, I was becoming a little too obsessed with traffic stats. I’m glad I don’t bother with my new blog.

    2. OK I’m gay so this is probably not an objective answer. But of course there are circumstances where it is perfectly acceptable for a straight man to send flowers to another straight man. For example, perhaps the second man has just opened a new business, and the first man wants to congratulate him in a way that makes his business look “better”. I’ve seen this in many newly-opened businesses.

    Besides, any man who is truly secure in his sexuality won’t give a rat’s ass what other people think if he decides to give a another man flowers. Another example: what if he’s an avid gardener?

  2. Randy Charles Morin


    Well, if I sent flowers to my dad or brother, than I wouldn’t consider that to be gay. Or for that matter, if a friend was in the hospital or ill or dead. Then, there’s all my cousins and uncles and grandparent. I think these are all safely from being a little gay.

    Now, if I send flowers to my boss for no good reason. Then yes, it’s a little gay. But, I there’s no absolutes here. Each situation has its own.

    Last, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. This from the mouth of a homophobe.

  3. donna

    Randy: I don’t think that’s gay — it is, however, bloody weird. It would be weird if a woman sent flowers to her boss for no reason, too. :)

  4. adam

    shouldnt the question be: when would one straight guy WANT to send flowers to another?

  5. Anonymous

    actually i guess that WAS the question. o

    well i’ve cum close . let me tell you

  6. Arwen

    When would you send flowers to a woman that you weren’t trying to un-pants? Or to a woman you don’t want considering you as an amour? I think the same applies: you don’t send flowers if they may be misconstrued.

    However, flowers to relatives, or for deaths and births and hospital stays and business openings: I’ve witnessed unabashed straight man on man flower giving action.

    Never red roses, though.

    And sending a bouquet of butt-plugs to another man? That, I think, would be ‘gay’.

  7. Ben

    Flowers just don’t appeal to me, and I would imagine most guys. I like them in the wild, and I’ll even take pictures of them. But I think it is weird whenever my wife gets some and says that they are for me. There are only 2 reasons women buy you flowers, 1) you are not buying enough of them for her, 2) she needed and excuse to buy flowers for herself. As a guy, with an extended day in the hospital I’d much rather get one of those game boy’s or hand held video game system or something like that rather than flowers to pass the time.

  8. fagulous

    is it gay to use the word “envisage” when you can’t even spell it?

  9. Paul

    I would say you must think of it this way. Is there any reason in your life that you would expect or accept flowers from another guy?

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