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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

The always entertaining Popgadget has a series of recommendations for last minute gifts for your mater:

The Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System has all the usual sleep machine sounds like ocean waves and gentle rain patters, but the sleep enhancement feature is supposed to lull you into a deep, extra restful sleep. The sounds slow down over a 20-minute period to help you slowly relax. Developed at the Center of Neuroacoustic Research which sounds somewhat impressive even though I’ve never heard of it. $99 at Brookstone.

All the usual sleep machine sounds? As if we’re all kicking back to gentle rain patters to get some shut-eye, and are getting a wee bit tired of the usual sedative sounds. I also dig the Safe2Touch, for the pathological cleaning mothers.

As a bonus, here’s Wikipedia on Mother’s Day.

2 Responses to “Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts”

  1. donna

    you know, most people that I’ve talked to find the sound of water to be soothing, tranquil… it PISSES ME OFF.

    That was one of the biggest problems with living in Yaletown. My bedroom had floor to ceiling windows and faced east — mornings were HOT. But if I opened the window, I could hear the fountain in the lagoon going. Drove me Up. The. Wall.

    I learned to sleep with one earplug in, so I could still hear my alarm clock.

    The sunshine thing was also annoying. I wore a sleeping mask. Evidently, I require total sensory deprivation while sleeping.

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