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Local Request: We Need New Cleaners

Our current cleaner is headed off to better, non-toilet-cleaning-related things. As such, we need new cleaners to come and sterilize our apartment on a biweekly basis (that’s once every two weeks). Any recommendations? Drop me an email.

6 Responses to “Local Request: We Need New Cleaners”

  1. Travis

    I just started using “Without a Trace” — and can’t quite recommend or condemn them yet. It always takes a little while to figure out what you want cleaned and how. Give me a few weeks and I’ll let you know.

  2. Preach

    I hope to someday be wealthy enough to have people wait on me hand and foot too. I would love to have someone fold my clothes. Take out the trash and a servant girl to bath me at night.

  3. NetChick

    We’ve got a fabulous cleaner — $20 an hour, and she’ll come in when you need her to — We get her every 2 weeks.

    She’s great!

    I’ll email you details later today… (I don’t have her number at work)

  4. Paolo

    I laughed while reading this. It remminded me of my father. He’s had many house keepers over the years and they’re always old women with the gift of gab.

    One day while visiting he played a trick on me and suggested I go and introduce myself to Olga. It took me an hour to escape her clutches.

  5. Adri

    There’s a group in Victoria called the Dusting Diva’s, they do commercial and residential work. They used to clean the offices at one of my old jobs – it was my first introduction to “healthy cleaning” and I was actually pretty impressed with it all, and I’m a pretty skeptical person.

    I don’t think they operate in Vancouver but if you contact them they may have a sister company there.

  6. Sue

    I use Daisy Maid, and have since just before Christmas when my other cleaner (Attention to Detail) flaked out completely after breaking my bathtub tap. Daisy Maid has been consistently good at the cleaning and I like their rates ($49.50 every 2 weeks for a 1br, roughly 1000 sq ft apartment).

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