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Photos from Our Birthday

On Friday night Julie and I held our annual birthday party at the Vancouver Rowing Club. The venue turned out to be pretty cool, and much fun was had. We had a tasty cake from Jill of The Uncommon Cake. It was a retrospective of our 20s, which you can see in this photo.

The only downside was that they wouldn’t let my two-year-old nephew stay, because it’s technically speaking a bar. We felt bad about that. I suppose we’ve too much time with children in Irish bars. Anyhow, it’s not every toddler who came claim they’ve been thrown out of a bar, so that’s something.

There are more photos here. Several other people were taking photos as well–if they’re posted anywhere, would you let me know?

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  1. Lindsay

    Hey DB. I only took a couple but they’re on my Flickr as well.

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