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The Droplift Project

Via SWT, I discovered the very cool Droplift Project:

The idea came suddenly. Manufacture our own CDs, go into chain stores, and leave them in the appropriate bins. Down among the established pop hits and top 40 product, these CDs await those curious few who take them to the counter.

Then what? Witness the confused faces of cashiers and customers alike when the CD does not show up in the inventory. But they’ll most likely make the sale, and the CD known only as THE DROPLIFT PROJECT will go home with yet another customer. Mission accomplished.

It’s apparently an artists’ protest, “subverting the current method of music distribution”. It’s a nice notion, but limited.

Instead of distributing their own music, I’d prefer they encourage everybody to manufacture their own CDs and drop them at music stores. Ambient sound, garage bands, podcasts–stick it on a CD, add a standardized cover and leave it at your local HMV under “Boyz 2 Men”.

2 Responses to “The Droplift Project”

  1. Jason

    I doubt that clerks at HMV or other chain stores would sell records that aren’t in their inventory.

    How could they process the sale? The cash registers are linked to the electronic inventory list.

  2. Darren

    I don’t think they’re meant for sale. In fact, if I were running the project, I’d put a big “Free” sticker on the front of each dropped CD.

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