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Tod’s Looking for Canadian Podcasters

Tod Maffin, international man of mystery and CBC tech dude, is working on a couple of podcast-related projects and he’s looking for Canadian podcasters:

1. If you have a podcast that originates in, or is about, Canada–and you are not listed in the Canada directory at (a nicer version is here), please fill out this form. I’m the category editor and would love to get everyone listed.

2. If you do indeed produce a Canadian podcast, please email me a link to the podcast episode you are most proud of. I am specifically looking for audio which is either a personal story, or you out in the field…something surprising and entertaining. Also please tell me a bit about your podcast–why you produce it, how often, who the hosts are, etc.

He’s being a little secretive, but I’m sure it will all come to the good. He generally uses his powers for the forces of good.