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Your High School Nightmare Made Flesh

In Topton, Pennsylvania, to punish her ex-boyfriend, a high school student distributed 300 nude photos of him around the school:

More than 300 copies of the nude teenager were passed around the high school Tuesday. They were all over the halls, the parking lot and the bathrooms.

The girl goes to Upper Perkiomen High School in Montgomery County. She allegedly gave the copies to a female student at Brandywine to hand out.

“I totally relate. I think it’s a good payback, but I do feel sorry for the kid because he was exposed,” one student said.

The IntarWeb is already rife with amateur footage of unsuspecting former lovers. Or so I’ve heard. Boys and girls, men and women, be very careful who takes nude photos of you. And for God’s sake, if you break up with them, let them down easy.