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80 Years of the New Yorker on DVD

How big would a stack of 80 years worth of the New Yorker magazine be? I’m guessing maybe 20 feet high. Of course, I wasn’t around in 1925, so I’m unsure how thick they were back then. Regardless you can now get the whole magazine on 8 DVDs:

The Complete New Yorker covers The New Yorker’s entire history, from February 1925 to February 2005, the magazine’s 80th anniversary, providing a detailed yet panoramic history of the life of the city, the nation, and the world during the most exciting and astounding decades any society has ever known.

This is a bad idea. Like CD-ROM, this (likely proprietary) format is going to useless in a few years. Trust me, I have the entire National Geographic on CD-ROM, but it’s nearly impossible to use.

Why aren’t they delivering this content as a password-protected section of their website?