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A Fowl Morning

The Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is my favourite green space in the Lower Mainland. It’s 850 acres of marshlands southwest of Langley Ladner (who can keep those suburbs straight?) on Westham Island, and home or rest stop to over 250 species of birds.

I’m not an enormous bird watcher, but it’s a lovely walk and the terrain is very unusual for Vancouver. It’s part of the Fraser River’s tidal estuary, and is all tall reeds and sloughs. The sanctuary is actually private land, contributed by the Reifel family in the sixties and excellently managed by the British Columbia Waterfowl Society.

Travis, Susie and I went on a walk and photo-expedition there. We bemoaned our lack of zoom lenses. As Travis pointed out, when you zoom from 35 to 70mm, it’s like you’re a step closer. Here are my photos and Travis and Susie’s. I also took a trip there last year, and there are some older photos here. Travis, for future reference, this is what a sandhill crane looks like. Careful, though, they could break a man’s leg.

UPDATE: The sanctuary is on Westham Island, and you pass this scary sign on the way in.

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  1. Chris

    um, you meant Ladner, not Langley right? :)

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