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A Very Bloggy Evening

Last Thursday night, I had dinner with sundry people at Monk McQueen’s. The guests of honour were Jon and Heather Armstrong, the latter being of Dooce fame. The whole thing came about because Mel and (a different) Mel Heather double-dog-dared me to invite Jon and Heather out while they were in town for VIDFEST. They seemed to have a good time, and the wise cracks, they flew (I’m the first Guy and filmgoerjuan is the second Guy in this quote). Here are some sundry photos. For organizing the evening, I was the recipient of a truly outrageous t-shirt (somebody looks a little gay, don’t you think?).

I left that party to scoot down to the blogger meetup at Steamworks, which was happily still in full swing. There were about 15 people in attendance–some of the usual crowd, and some newbies that I was pleased to meet. Traditionally we pass around a piece of paper, everyone adds their name, URL and an answer to a question. In the past, it’s been a little dirty. This month’s question was ‘what was your biggest fashion mistake?’ Answers and URLs are after the jump:

Travis – My kangaroo runners, 1985, I think. I love kangaroos!

Naomi – Clashing patterns at the tender age of three

Pete – Not caring at all about fashion since the less you have inside the more the external appearance matters.

Monique – Does the URL not suggest that I’ve made poor choices before? Green pants, slacks, really, and mustard yellow turtleneck, 1978. I knew it was wrong, but my Mom was dressing me.

Harry – He’s got nothing.

Peter – I used to wear armbands with a shirt and tie. But they were cool.

David – Back in the day, I was picked up by the police for running through Point Grey in just underwear after escaping from a UBC engineering abduction.

Jack – I wore a black and white striped shirt underneath a black and white stripped shirt.

Kirk – I wore jeans and t-shirt to an interview thinking it would be okay. Everyone else was wearing ties. This was high school, though, so I’ve learnt since.

James – My biggest fashion faux pas must be the day I put on what my girlfriend calls a ‘pizza outfit’–all kinds of colours. Then, when she questioned my choice of clothes, I put on a blue vest ‘to tie it all together’. She still mimics me sometimes when I’ve made bad style decisions suggesting I try a vest to ‘tie it all together’.

Theresa – Ok, I’ll admit it. I wore pantyhose with open-toed shoes when working in my first ‘office job’. I was young and didn’t know better.

Darren – There was a Miami Vice phase.

Matt – Almost so bad it wrapped around to cool and then back to bad again–new wave hair, pegged jeans, no socks, topsider shoes. At some point there was a members only jacket, but it may have come earlier.

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  1. Strizzle

    Looks like you all had a great time. I don’t think there are any blogerific meetings in my area. To bad really.

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