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Hotel Review From the Future: Space Island

This is cross-posted from Geeky Traveller.

I was skeptical at first about Space Island (via the Cool Hunter). It seemed to lack lot of hotel features that I was accustomed to: gravitational acceleration of 9.8 meters per second, regular toilets and attractive grounds.

Yet, after watching the promotional video, I couldn’t help but book the next shuttle up. [more]

The interior of my room, designed by SPACEHAB, was sparse, but that meant more room to jump around in one-third normal gravity. And don’t get me started on the low-G toilet! I was unable to get a room on the preferred ‘top hub’, but the front desk clerk explained that notions of up and down are useless in outer space, so I felt better.

Everyone up here jogs! I think they’re a little too excited about the hamster-wheelness of the track. I can’t get particularly enthused. Instead, I let other people exercise and watched the micro-gravity track and field events. Pozmonavitch broke the world pole vault record with a jump of 97.45 meters.

The dining room isn’t exactly gourmet. They try to dress up the TV-dinner-style plates to look like bento boxes, but everybody knows they’re rehydrated meals. In fact, the best food I had was en route in the shuttle–I got upgraded to Galaxy class!

Space is like the Czech Republic in the 1970s: light on the accomodation and kind of bleak. I’ll give Space Island a thumbs-up, but they’d better keep an eye on their competition.