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Impressions of Seattle

I’m here at the second day of the Gnomedex conference, and theres’s a tedious discussion of RSS formats underway on-stage. Let me take a moment, then, to offer some general impressions of Seattle. I was here in January, but didn’t have much opportunity to wander around. I’ve skipped a few presentations here, so I’ve seen more of the city (here are some photos of Seattle):

  • Apparently only the poor people walk. Wandering around downtown and a neighbourhood called Belltown, the people on the street seemed decidedly impoverished. Additionally, the streets seemed quite empty after 6:00pm. Clearly I’m not in the right neighbourhoods, though, because reportedly a section of the city called Capitol Hill is happening through the night.
  • The same goes for restaurants–they’re sparse on the ground, but apparently better in Capitol Hill.
  • They’ve got a beautiful harbour–it rivals Vancouver’s.
  • The Seattle Public Library, where last night’s reception was held, was a fascinating building. The reception area felt like the inside of a pyramid.
  • I dug the Experience Music Project. The building was great, designed by Canadian uber-architect Frank Gehry. I admired the tone of the exhibits, which were schlolarly but accessable. It was tremendously cool to see hand-written lyrics by Dylan, Hendrix et al.
  • The city needs an urban planning overhaul. The overpasses through the centre of the town, the big road and train tracks along the waterfront, the silly tourist-centric monorail–they all need to go.

3 Responses to “Impressions of Seattle”

  1. AhBook

    This is kind of absurd commenting on your post when I am sitting 2 rows behind you, but if you want some really nice Seattle harbour and downtown views, head over to Alki Beach in West Seattle, or take the Bainbridge Island ferry.. beautiful.

  2. Luna Zoloq

    Walking around wallingford is lots of fun too. The houses are really beautiful. I must say, it give me quite a thrill to know you’re in my city. It can be quite beautiful, if you now where to look.

  3. Monique

    I know I’m late to the post with this one, but next time you’re in Seattle, check out Le Pichet. French bistro. Yummy. That’s all you need to know, oh, except where it is. Whatever that main street is up from the Public Market.

    Apparently they don’t want you to find the address on their website. Ho hum.

    1933 1st Ave says Google.

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