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Live 8 Line-Ups

As you probably know, Live 8 is Bob Geldof’s global charity event to raise money and awareness for Third World poverty. Over at Stereogum, there’s a list of line-ups for the cities around the world taking part.

The commenters in that thread–presumably musicphiles and hipsters–sound pretty elitist:

Philly’s show would be a good way to abduct Iraq detainees and torture with. Maroon 5? Destiny’s Child?

The live 8 in Barrie is thoroughly humiliating for Canada…Don’t know why Sam Roberts would put his good name up there…also, wasn’t Stars added to the bill? bands should be boycotting this show.

Yes the Toronto [Barrie] line-up is horrible, but looking over each city…they’re all garbage! I guess Geldof can point to the crowds at the shows and say “they MUST care about eradicating poverty because who in their right mind would show up to hear this shit”

There was some criticism of the Canadian Live 8 line-up in the newspapers–complaints that the artists’ average age was well above 40. They’re right, but if I’m organizing these events, I’m going to choose the same popular, old acts. Why?

  • Like it or not, but older audience members have more power and money. Additionally, the older a person is, the more charitable they become.
  • The musical tastes of 12 to 25-year-olds have become incredibly balkanized in the past decade. It’s increasingly difficult to find bands that appeal to a wide swath of young North Americans. Don’t believe me? Radio listenership among young people is in sharp decline.

Of course young people’s awareness needs to be raised, but global rock concerts may not appeal to them. I’m not likely to watch a lot of the Live 8 Canada concert (and I’m over 30!), but I’m sure that zillions of other Canadians will.

4 Responses to “Live 8 Line-Ups”

  1. Chris

    The only band from any lineup I’ve seen that I’ll bother watching is Pink Floyd. Mostly because, well, it’s friggin’ Pink Floyd, first time playing together since 1985.

  2. Anonymous

    You are correct in saying that Live 8 is to bring awareness, but it is not raising funds. All shows are free.

  3. Rick Barnes

    Amazing isn’t it. The conserts will draw attention to some of the problems.

    Still the US and other countries that are tying debt relief to selling of assets like government owned compaines is foolish, Lets breed more poverty and give complete control to National economies to multi national companies.

  4. Jason Cowan

    If you don’t like the fact that it is in Barrie don’t go. I’m sick of hearing people complain about the fact that only 35000 are going. Hey in Philly, only 40000 are going. Lighten up citiots.

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