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Most Obscure Hall of Shame Ever

Search for hall of shame on Google, and you’ll get 705,000 results. Including, for example, the Nudist/Naturist Hall of Shame (not particularly safe for work), which doesn’t feature ugly naked people, but rather accuses nudists of being pedophiles and (I’m aghast!) swingers.

I recently stumbled upon what might be the most obscure hall–the “No Dashes Or Spaces” Hall of Shame. Steve is a Unix developer with a bee in his bonnet:

Credit card validation should never be done exclusively on the client side, and since the server does it anyway, I just can’t find any good reason for this sloppy practice. Those who believe otherwise are very much encouraged to contact me with the reasoning.

Some sites cleverly avoid the “no spaces or dashes” shame by limiting the credit card entry to 16 characters: this has the same effect. It’s just lame.

Maybe I spoke too soon. Here’s the abandoned bus hall of shame.