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Notes from Gnomedex: On Tomorrow’s PR and New WeatherBug Features, Apparently

Notes from Tomorrow’s PR with Steve Rubel and Chris Sloop (CEO of WeatherBug) at Gnomedex (tag: ):

  • Simplehuman – Garbage cans with lids that close like a Lexus.
  • I like my pyramid diagram better than Steve’s three-bubble model.
  • The secret sauce of success in business is candor.
  • Talks about the spin that they’ve put on WeatherBug to improve its image.
  • It’s 12 minutes into the presentation, and Chris Sloop is talking about weather data and new product features? This doesn’t have anything to do with tomorrow’s PR. What I see is Steve Rubel’s client getting to talk to some influencers about his product. That’s great, but so much for a session on tomorrow’s PR, and it does nothing to improve the perception of PR professionals. I pointed this out, and got some applause and a guy shook my hand.

In short, I was deeply underwhelmed by this presentation.

UPDATE: I had want to find Steve after the talk and discuss my criticism further, but had to run. I should point out that I think Steve is a stand-up guy and dig his blog. I just think he and his client definitely made the wrong decision in this session.