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The Ultimate Panini Maker

My parents are seeking the ultimate, zim-zam, slickest, bestest panini maker in the world (and not a guy named Paulo, either). It’s probably Italian made and it must actually grill with (as my mother-in-law puts it) “wicked heat”. She wants to actually see distinct grill marks on the completed sandwich. Does anyone have any suggestions?

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Panini Maker”

  1. Dan

    We have one still sitting in a box, unused, at our house. I could test it out if you want, but the thing is weighs a ton and will probably grill and flatten nicely (the plates also are removable if I remember correctly for easier cleaning). I can talk to my roommate and see if he’s willing to depart with it (maybe even just for shipping) if you’re *really* interested.

  2. Dean

    An in-law that used the phrase “wicked heat” in casual conversation?

    You’re a lucky man… :-)

  3. Gene

    We bought one of the “professional” ones last year and it really scrunched the bread. My son has a George Foreman Grill. It works great and has the grill marks and is very inexpensive.

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