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Wikipedia Fun

Two cool Wikipedia-related items have come over the transom in the past couple of days. The first is Lamest Edit Wars Ever–a page dedicated to pedantic debates over particular encyclopedia entries. As I recently ate one, this page on the Irish breakfast was familiar:

First contributor: Puddings are ‘mandatory’ in Ireland (i.e. not a true Irish breakfast without them). This is NOT true of an English breakfast, I am aware that black pudding is often included – but not always and isn’t necessary for tradition.

Second contributor: So much for being mandatory, I see no white pudding in this Irish breakfast, it also has tomatoes and mushrooms, so obviously the person is lying about the nature of this breakfast and should be emailed to tell them their error.

As the menu shows, there was both black and white pudding (though I ate neither–ick) at the last Irish breakfast I had.

The other Wikipedia item is currently nonfunctional. It’s too bad, because it displayed edited entries in real-time. It demonstrated how alive the repository truly is.

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