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Blog Widow: The Shirt

Last year at Northern Voice, my wife had an excellent shirt made. Since then, I’ve been meaning to…what’s the term? Monetize that badboy. After exploring about five different t-shirt print-on-demand efforts, I’ve gone with the goliath–Cafepress.

And so, the Blog Widow store is born. Here’s my ultra-clever marketing spiel:

Have you been obsessively blogging and ignoring that special someone? Want to send a message to a blogtastic loved one? Blog Window Widow will scratch that itch.

T-shirts, thongs and trucker hats for the long-suffering blog widow in your family. I suppose “Blog Widower” t-shirts are an inevitable sequel. I should also note that, having decided to do this, I did a quick Google and discovered this site. This is the first I’d heard of them (and my wife assures me her’s was an original notion), so hopefully they won’t be all bitter and litigious.

This was my first time using CafePress, and aside from the only-white-stuff issue, it proved very easy to use. The prices reflect the print-on-demand nature (and slim margins) of the business, so I’m never going to get rich. Still, it’s an easy way to get started.

UPDATE: Argh, it’s the telescope all over again. Rob points to this Blogher online store, which also features Blog Widow shirts. I swear on my Apple PowerBook that I had no knowledge of this badboy. You should probably buy shirts there, anyway, as their money goes to a good cause. I mean, they’re not feeding the hungry or anything, but it’s still a good cause.

6 Responses to “Blog Widow: The Shirt”

  1. Ross

    “Blog Window will scratch that itch.” (emphasis mine)

    Is that a typo? It seems to be the same on the site too…

  2. Heather

    How about “I need to go potty but my mom is too busy blogging?” for my dog. OK, dog shirts are wrong, I know.

  3. alexis

    Can you make an “Ultimate Widow” shirt? I could get some mileage out of that one!

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