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Cameron Got Run Over By a Mercedes

My friend Cameron recently got run over. Presumably, he was biking, though he doesn’t actually indicate:

So i went under the back tire of a mercedes sedan, as big as they come. Thankfully, just the back tire. How I managed to dive under there I’ll never know. But this is the worst of it, not looking its worst, and not looking quite as good as it looks now. A cracked rib and shoulder blade had the emergency staff thinking i wasn’t run over at all. I’m lucky, except for the being run over part.

He’s posted a pretty gross photo of his injuries. Consider yourself warned.

I note with a little amusement that both Cameron and I have a friend named Mercedes. Unfortunately for Cameron, it was an actual car that ran him over, not the fetching redhead.

2 Responses to “Cameron Got Run Over By a Mercedes”

  1. Derek

    Fitting, since the name Mercedes originally came from the child of one of the Daimler company’s first big customers, Emil Jellinek, who insisted that the cars he ordered be named after his daughter.

  2. Rog

    Off-topic, but I feel compelled to wonder what the deal is with the newfound fascination for the word “fetching” as an alternative for “attractive”.

    Maybe the word is seen differently now, but whenever my uncle used it my aunt would slap him for using a “nasty” word. It was derogatory, referring to women who tease to trap for marriage or scheme to steal husbands. As far as my aunt was concerned, it was like calling a woman a slut.

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