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I’m Seeking URL Suggestions

As regular readers know, we recently bought some property on Pender Island. We’re not going to do anything with it for a few years, but plan to build a house there eventually. As such, I’ve got a ton of questions about life on Pender, ranging from “how do you prevent deer from getting at your tomatoes?” to “does anybody know a good chiropractor on the island?”.

The regular way one answers these questions is to hang out at local events and restaurants, get to know people and ask questions. We all know how good I am at small talk, and I don’t actually plan to spend much time on the island over the next couple of years.

I’ve decided to further exploit my friends at Bryght, and start a website that hosts a discussion forum for Pender Island residents. They can talk about whatever they want. It would just be an experiment–if nobody ever used it, so be it.

But what URL to use? Something along the lines of:


Those are simple enough (I haven’t checked if they’re available), but lack a certain zing. I welcome any and all suggestions. The URL should probably include ‘Pender’ and I’ll try to apply my guidelines about domain names.

21 Responses to “I’m Seeking URL Suggestions”

  1. -j.

    see, that’s why I don’t have my own URL :)

  2. Travis Smith



  3. Mel

    I had the same first thought as Josh…penderbender ;)

    How about

  4. Matt

    wow, the first person took my idea. your slant on pender.

  5. jd (which will be just the first of a slew of related sites, each one focused on an island in the area ie then (not a typo, maybe just a bad idea) has the meaning of head quarters of pender island, but also sort of sounds like a boat’s name.

  6. 'nee

    Chicken-wire wrapped around the plant will keep the deer away, although nothing’s foolproof. An enclosed or glassed-in deck with a gate will help, as long as it’s not big enough to give them a clear landing spot – they can and will jump. If you want a real garden, be prepared to build a ten-foot wire fence.


  7. Baron Chandler

    What about:

  8. Aaron

    I like or .org (is it really going to be a commercial site?).

  9. NetChick

    I’d go with a .ca name — It is afterall, a Canadian-based site, and about Canadian material.

    Just my two cents.

  10. jd

    when do we know who the winner is? it looks like this post is about to disappear off the bottom on the page!

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