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Link Round-Up: Leftover Links

I do these less frequently these days, but they’re handy when I’ve got lots
of links and little to say:

8 Responses to “Link Round-Up: Leftover Links”

  1. Krishen

    Haha.. nice. I like the vertices game — got to level 5 with a score of 1256 before guilt got the better of me (I’m at work) :)

  2. Dean

    How come I neverhear about … Allah on a chip?

    Because Islam forbids representations of Allah, and therefore even if there was picture of him (her?) on a chip, nobody would know it because nobody knows what he/she looks like.

    I believe that the same stricture holds true in Judaism.

  3. Todd

    Just wanted to congratulate you on being on Adler (although I tend to think of him as addle-minded).

  4. donna

    I blame you for my complete lack of productivity today. Ooh, lines!

  5. jd

    love the dukes action figures. check out boss hogg!

    oh, the good old days…when it was ok to have a toy for children enjoying a cigar. sure, nowadays the toys can have guns and rockets and stuff, but a big fat cigar? nope. that’s something you just can’t get anymore.

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