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Surrey Man Auctions Family’s Chests

A Surrey man recently made US $1006 auctioning off his family’s chests. Six members of his family agreed to wear t-shirts from the winner (Golden Palace casinos, of course) any time they leave the house (excepting work, apparently) for a month:

Along side of going to Casino’s & Bingo halls where MANY potential customers for your company are, we would ALL also wear your shirts to any public, or social event we attend! Heck, even when we bring the dog out to use the washroom in the middle of the night we’ll wear the T-Shirts! (You never know who might be watching? …eek)

This auction would be perfect for anyone who has a Local Casino in British Columbia, Canada. Or for a company online looking for a “GOLDEN” opportunity to advertise!

Hmmm…it sounds like he was maybe, I don’t know, courting the Golden Palace vote? They spend so much money on wacky stuff, one could make a decent living inventing bizarre auctions and encouraging them to bid.

In advertising terms, that’s great value. Particularly if his family is going to go to casinos and bingo. Of course, the PR that Golden Palace has already received (I heard the auction owner’s sister on the CBC) more than makes up for the 1006 dollars.

3 Responses to “Surrey Man Auctions Family’s Chests”

  1. Rick Barnes

    I hope the provincial government gets wind of this. We could see entire communities offering to wear BCLC t-shirts.

    Perhaps a bidding war between BC Lotteries online gaming and the Golden Palace casinos!

    I may go out and get all the seniors living in my Mother’s mobile home park here in Kelowna to go out and try this.

  2. Chris

    I’ve always disdained wearing any kind of corporate logo. Why would I want to spend money on a piece of clothing that will advertise some company? However, if this sort of thing could catch on (i.e. companies paying ME to wear their logo) I might consider it.

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