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The Big Blogger Picnic

In lieu of a regular August meetup, we’re going to have a picnic! It’s going to be on Sunday, August 21, with time and location to be determined. It should be beaucoup de fun, and enables those who haven’t been able to attend on Thursdays (due to location, kids, etc) to come on out.

To determine the time and place, I’ve created a very brief survey. If you think you might attend The Big Blogger Picnic, please take 47 seconds and complete it. I’ll publish any entertaining responses to question #5.

I’ve been remiss in publishing the attendees to the July meetup–it was a large group. They’re after the jump.

Name How many piercings do you have?
Darren Zero, thanks
Susie 5
Mandi I prefer tattoos
Pete 0
Ally McGrane (couldn’t read your URL) Two that grew over
Shane 17
Jen 4 5 (that 4 is struck out)
Travis None that I know of
William Ouch
Jennifer I’m so boring!
David Bupkes (sp?)
Ian 1
Jamie 1 by choice, the others were accidents
Matt Historically, no
Colin 0
Arnaud (got nothing on that URL) 0
Jane 0
Boris 0
Jaine 2
Alan 0

I’m pretty sure I saw Roland and Kris, too, but didn’t get them to sign the book.