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XLerator: World’s Coolest Hand Dryer

I know very little about design, but ever since taking Allan Stichbury’s course, “Design for Non-Designers”, I’ve been intrigued. I consider myself a first-grade student of design.

I was recently in the Morrissey Irish House, and visited the facilities. In lieu of the white, boxy, underpowered hand dryer, they’ve got the XLerator. It’s like the ’84 Transam of hand dryers, all chrome and powerful enough to strip the skin from your hands (well, almost). And apparently it uses 80% less energy. I snapped a photo with my crappy phone camera.

Good for them, I thought, for thinking differently. They’ve taken an utterly common, everyday object and improved it 100%, stylistically and functionally. It’s the iPod of hand dryers.

2 Responses to “XLerator: World’s Coolest Hand Dryer”

  1. Steven

    Brilliant! I am now obsessed with the Xlerator since one nearly broke my wrists!

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