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A New Niche: Gay Wedding Cards

Last week Lex wrote about being invited to a same-sex wedding, and she was having a really hard time finding ‘gay wedding cards that don’t suck’:

Another card read, “For the Newlyweds, Justly married,” which seemed a bit too political for me. I realize that it’s an important act, but I think it’s more important to focus on the actual wedding and commitment and the people themselves during that day instead of politicians.

At the Vancouver Public Library gift shop, where I buy a lot of my cards, I saw a card with two suits which read, “You suit each other perfectly, Congratulations.” It’s not a bad idea, but that card is so cheesy that I need crackers to go with it.

She did find Raindrop Cards, which offer a pretty ordinary set of same-sex cards. One way to be the uncool straight kid at the gay wedding: give a card with a big rainbow on it. All the weddings I’ve attended were hetero, so I’ve never faced with this problem. I tipped off my friends at Hailey Kim cards–they ought to get into this emerging niche market.

3 Responses to “A New Niche: Gay Wedding Cards”

  1. Alex Harford

    What I’m wondering about, is how do stags work for gay marriages? There will probably be a lot of crossover between the friends, so you’d have to have them at separate times. But is that fair to the grooms that only get to attend one party?

    A stag where both grooms attend at the same time would be as lame as a combined stag/stagette for a hetero couple. :(

  2. Chad

    It is not only gay wedding cards that are difficult to find. It is difficult to find birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and Valentines Day cards for my partner as well. I would love to find a source for thoughtful, loving cards designed for same-sex couples.

  3. jd

    i wonder if larger companies have not locked on to this market because they’re afraid of what straight consumers will think. like, if hallmark had a line of cards for homosexuals, sales might go down across the board.

    all things being different but equal, i always go for the blank cards with nice pictures on the fronts. i like the idea of filling the card with my own words, although i admit it can be tough to find the right thing to say.

    someone should set up a website with lists of nice things to say on cards and charge a flat fee for membership.

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