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Aesthetic Surgery as Freak Show

I recently read about (and saw some ghoulish photos from) Aesthetic Surgery, a book about the history and culture of the nip and tuck. Here’s the blurb:

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Has she had work done?” Do you flip through supermarket tabloids to see who’s the latest star to have gone under the knife? Do you secretly adore before and after photos? Well, let’s face it, who doesn’t? Aesthetic surgery has become a global phenomenon. In places like Hollywood, the mystery isn’t who’s had work done, but who hasn’t. Those who have been to the world’s best surgeons can get away with lying about it, while others have the evidence written all over their faces. From liposuction to lip implants, this book explores all the ins and outs of body sculpting via photos, illustrations, essays, and interviews.

That incredibly vapid marketing-speak reminded me of the bane of celebrities everywhere, Awful Plastic Surgery.

You can’t Look Inside!™ on the Amazon site, but the publisher’s site enables you to page through a few pages. This shot, in particular, is freakin’ terrifying.

5 Responses to “Aesthetic Surgery as Freak Show”

  1. Jeff

    The last shot you mentioned is from a Terry Gilliam film Brazil and as thus should be disturbing. That film is a testament to Gilliam’s genius.

  2. gillian

    Yeah, like, dude, you pretend to know so much about movies, but you don’t recognize that screenshot from Brazil? I have lost all respect for you.

  3. Rob

    I was about to post and say that was from Brazil, but Jeff and Gill beat me to the punch.

    Darren, this may be one of those times that I’m storing the memory for you, and we’re out of range. Perhaps you should move closer to my office so little annoyances like this can be curtailed.

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