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Backless Lingerie

Because, frankly, there hasn’t been enough talk of underwear on this site.

Podgadget features the latest in a series of alternative undergarments (NuBra, some Japanese butt bra, etc):

Fashionistas from Vogue to Cosmo agree–visible thongs, once popular thanks to Christina Aguilera and Pink, are a thing of the past. Though the jeans keep getting lower, it’s no longer cool to flaunt those g-strings. What’s next?

I’m a kind of anti-fasionista myself, but I never thought it was cool to, uh, flaunt those g-strings. Hence, perjorative (thought evocative) terms like ‘whale tail’. Was there a short period of visible-thong-equals-coolness that I missed?

8 Responses to “Backless Lingerie”

  1. donna

    Sure. Right after it was “cool” (for varying definitions of cool) for boys to have their underwear hanging out of their pants.

  2. Andrea

    Hence the rise of low rise jeans. I mean, uh, the popularity.

  3. Rob Barac

    I think people are confusing “coolness” with just plain sexy.

    I’m sure something could be written here about the visible thong being a reaction to the increasingly oppressive New Moral Guard…

  4. Matt

    Of course, when looking at the picture of these, the irony strikes me that the whole reason most women give for wearing a thong in the first place is to prevent panty lines around the upper thighs. . . . Um, oops. What’s next, solving the lack-of-acceleration problem in environmentally friendly electric cars by making them gas-powered?

  5. Chery

    Well, there was that whole controversy at UVic over peepingthong dot com ….

  6. Cheryl

    Well, there was that whole controversy at UVic over peepingthong dot com ….

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