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Blogs for German Politicians

I might met the awesomely-named Vasco Sommer at Les Blogs earlier in the year. He emailed to point me to It’s a site hosting politicians’ blogs, as apparently an election announcement is imminent.

As my German is no better than my Xhosa, I have little idea what’s going on in and around the site. They do appear to have a lengthy list of blogs from several parties, so it’s a great start. I wish Canadian politicans would engage en masse in a similar effort.

And speaking of German, allow me to take this moment to observe that, over at Geeky Traveller, I’m the first result for ‘mein lieben’ on Google (.com, not .de).

4 Responses to “Blogs for German Politicians”

  1. Jan Karlsbjerg

    My German may be rusty German, but to the best of my knowledge, “mein lieben” is not an actual German phrase. “lieben” does mean “love”, but it’s the verb “love”, not the noun.

    Reminds me of when Scobble was ecstatic about being the first hit for Carly whatshername, then then boss of HP (behold the power of blogging, regular media just can’t compete, etc. etc.), until he found out that it was because he had been spelling her name wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    You ‘might’ him? Perhaps you could introduce me so that I could might him too. Do they teach proofreading skills at Les Blogs?

  3. Nicole Simon

    “Mein lieben” is more xhosa than German I would assume.

    Interestingly, both of the big parties are not only blogging (or let’s better say some support groups around the big parties are blogging, this is probably the list Vasco gave you), the also do podcast. :)

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