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Drivey Offers Zen Cool

Why haven’t I mentioned Mark Pursey’s Drivey before? Probably because I hadn’t actually tried it until last night. I read his blog, and know he’s been working on it for some time, but I hadn’t clued in. As he puts it:

Drivey is an NPR [Non Photo Realistic] driving simulator, which exists mostly in my mind right now. In a nutshell, it is [to be] an attempt to re-capture the essence of old-time video games in the context of fast, ubiquitous computers.

It’s not really a game yet, more of a concept demo. It is, however, strangely calming to, uh, play. It has a beautiful simplicity to it, and seems to reflect some kind of neo-modernist, revisionist approach to games like Night Driver. Be sure to press F1 and mess with all the settings.