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Fruit and Vegetable Spray By the Fruit and Veggies?

Yesterday I was in my local granola, we’re-organic-salt-of-the-earth grocery store, Choices (no website, as far as I can tell). I wandered by the produce section, and noticed this oddity: a fruit and vegetable cleaning spray.

In principle, I can understand the need for such a product. Who knows what pesticides or other nasties are on our supermarket produce? I don’t, but I’d hope that my local organic store does. I was confused about the message this spray, in such close proximity to the stuff it’s meant to clean, was conveying:

  1. We don’t know where our fruit has been.
  2. We know where our fruit has been, and you’d better clean it.
  3. We know where our fruit has been, and better safe than sorry.

Hopefully it’s the third answer. And I’ll just use water to clean my fruit, thanks.

9 Responses to “Fruit and Vegetable Spray By the Fruit and Veggies?”

  1. Gwen

    They don’t necessarily know how many people with god-knows-what on their hands have handled, sneezed on, or otherwise contaminated said produce.

  2. Darren

    Tye: How’d you find that? I gave it about 4 tries in Google, and even checked on one of their grocery bags.

  3. Jason

    According to what I’ve read, the main reason to wash vegetables is to remove naturally occurring bacteria, not pesticides.

  4. Paolo

    I learned that frozen fruit and veggies can often be the safest and most nutritious choice, given that they are often times straight out of the fields, washed, prepared and frozen. That’s in contrast to being handled, shipped, etc. all the way until it’s fondled by tens of dozens of people each day before you buy it.

  5. Michelle

    I have that stuff because I can’t always make it to Choices, and I use it to was the non-organic produce I purchase elsewhere.

  6. Karen

    I bought that stuff for my parents. Can’t comment on how it works, but I do know it smells terrible.

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