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Get Your Hemp On

About a decade ago, I went shopping for some hemp clothing. I’d heard all about the social and practical advantages of the fabric, and wanted to be an upstanding global citizen. Unfortunately, all the clothes I found came in two categories:

  • Clothes worn only by the patchouli and bongo drum set.
  • Decent looking clothes too expensive for my university budget.

I haven’t gone hemp since then, but I may try again. There was this article (decaying link) in the Sun last week advocating hemp clothing from local vendors like Hemptown and Tilley Endurables (a store surely rife with pleated trousers). These days, you can get hemp flip flops, jeans and Adidas shoes. Does you have any suggestions for the virginal hemp buyer?

This post (more the anecdote here-in) arose from muddy waters of my memory (“what’s this river I’m in?”) because of this MetaEfficient item about hemp CD and DVD cases.

3 Responses to “Get Your Hemp On”

  1. richard

    I don’t even bother with 100% cotton t-shirts anymore… Just the Hemptown ones. They’e not super cheap, but they’re solid, lightweight shirts. They have oxford style shirts, pants, and much more; well worth a visit to the store at Venables and Clark.

    Go in to the store in person and buy a t-shirt. Wear it for a while, and see what you think.

  2. Monique

    I recommend the socks.

    Knowing you’ve experimented with the numbered socks, I think the hemp socks would be a great entry point.

  3. AhBook

    Yeah, I agree with Richard. I am wearing a Hemptown tshirt as I type this actually. I’ve never been there myself but it was given to me as a gift and I like it, it’s a pretty good tshirt as these things go. The black colour hasn’t really faded either.

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