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Double-Check Those Domains

I’ve written before about choosing a domain name, but there was something I missed. Beware of the unintended rudeness that a new word combination can create:

There are other classic mispronounced domain names. One is the site, with the unfortunate alternate enunciation of But, since it’s in the performing artist arena, maybe it’s not just a misnomer. Another is, for those looking for California marriage and family therapists. Unfortunately, the wrong clientele might stumble upon the site as And then there is, where you can buy custom pens. However, someone could mistake their site name for something else if they pronounce it

If you read the comment section, you’ll find numerous additional suggestions.

6 Responses to “Double-Check Those Domains”

  1. Anonymous

    Reminds me of my favourite furniture store, SofaKing!

  2. Anonymous

    Not to mention my favorite Celebrity Jeopardy category, AnAlbumCover (AnalBumCover)

  3. gillian

    I’m guessing that things actually worked out pretty well for, though. I mean, several people sent me that link, and pens aren’t normally that exciting.

  4. -j.

    And, the legendary PowerGen who tried to put up a page in Italy, but called it PowerGenItalia.

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