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Hilarious German Lavatory Sign

I always know that the Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness has been cited by some sizable site (work safe? I’m unsure), because I get a little burst of new submissions. The best and weirdest one follows. It was apparently taken in the washroom of a Berlin guesthouse:

That’s so German, isn’t it? And I can just hear the sign designer working on this badboy (say it with a bad German accent):

OTTO: Hans, how big should I make the bratwurst?
HANS: Ya, we don’t want to intimidate anyone with an enormes drittes Bein!
OTTO: But people might think it was my kleines Mannfleisch!

Huh. That was less funny than I hoped. Ah well, apologies to my German readers. Ich liebe Sie noch.

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  1. Darren

    It’s not my photo, but I’ll send you the guy’s email address and you can ask him.

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