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What’s the Deal with eBay Buying Skype?

If you’ve been wondering that too, wonder no further. No more. Whatever. Neville Hobson listened in to the eBay Investors conference call, and has the skinny:

  • On eBay, sellers go where the buyers are, and vice-versa.
  • With PayPal, more sellers (and not only eBay sellers) offer payment options by that means, and more buyers use that option.
  • Integrating Skype into the eBay/PayPal mix gives buyers and sellers the means to quickly and easily get in touch with each other if they want to, and for free if they make their calls entirely via the internet no matter where each of them is. Talk about facilitating global commerce!
  • Each part of the mix feeds the other, enhancing the richness of each element and helping to bolster and grow the whole eBay offering.

I’ve got nothing to add, as I’m only an occasional eBay or Skype user. Plus, I have the business savvy of a lobotomized armadillo. If I ever offer business advice on this site, you’d be wise to do the opposite.