I’d say that’s mostly very good advice, but I’d like to see these “directories” before I tagged them as link farms. There are certainly legitimate directories out there that can be somewhat helpful in increasing a site’s visibility. Some will even send you some targeted traffic.

File names aren’t nearly as important as many claim them to be. If you’re creating new pages, there’s nothing wrong with putting the pages’ keywords in their file names, but think of it more from a usability standpoint than a “get that keyword out there so you’ll rank better” strategy. Search engines don’t appear to put a lot of weight on file names, and in order to get them to parse separate words, you need to hyphen-separate them. That can lead to rather unwieldy file names, and that’s just not worth it.

For your domain name, the most important thing is that it be memorable. You won’t rank well for disposable eyeglasses just because your domain name is disposable-eyeglasses.com. The only real advantage such a domain name gives you is that, should someone link to your site with the URL as the anchor text, you’ll have a link that contains your keywords.

Your advice regarding opening up communication with the online community is excellent. Not only can it be good for search engines, but it’s unquestionably good for your audience, and good SEO is, in my opinion, really about creating a good site for your target market.