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Best Diet Soda on the Planet: Jones Soda’s Wild Black Cherry

Months and months ago, I happened to read Derek K. Miller’s recommendation that “Jones Soda’s Sugar Free Wild Black Cherry is the best diet pop I know of.” Being somebody who’s trying to drink less Coke on an ongoing basis, I’d been meaning to confirm his allegation. You know what? He’s right. This drink kicks the ass of every other diet soda around, and I’ve tried them all.

Heather’s photo of Jones Soda bottles (including the wild black cherry) reminded me of this, so I thought I’d pass on the product endorsement.

5 Responses to “Best Diet Soda on the Planet: Jones Soda’s Wild Black Cherry”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    Hmm…I’ve been buying up bottles of the Jones Diet Black Cherry Soda with Heather’s photo of the cat on them (the photo in the post you link to was a mutual discovery we made of a bottle in the wild, mere moments before we liberated it).

    The thing is…she said the pop sucks. So I haven’t actually imbided any of these bottles. I guess I’m going to have to risk discomfort and $1.50 and actually try one of these things!

  2. Derek K. Miller

    I have one of these almost every day I have lunch when I’m at work work (at the Swiss Bakery, which I’m sure Darren knows), and I never tire of it.

  3. heather

    if you find a bottle with my photo on it, i have very reasonable rates for autographing it. ;)

  4. Rob

    Best of all — no aspartame!

    At least according to the labels on the official American website. I ought to try these out. Where to find ’em? Your regular ol’ convenience store?

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