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Blogging It and Dogging It

This December, I’m going to Banff. I’m on the faculty (doesn’t that sound fancy?) for Blogs ‘n’ Dogs, ‘a master workshop series on blogging and social networking’. It runs from December 4 to 8 et voici le spiel:

In this 4 day event, participants will learn about the philosophies behind the blogosphere. Additionally, they’ll develop and refine their blog finding, reading, and writing skills. We’ll also be covering social bookmarking, tracking topics, social networking, and emerging practices in audio and video blogging.

Raincity Studios are putting the event on in partnership with the Banff New Media Insitute Accelerator Program. They hardly had to twist my arm, but you know what really convinced me to do this badboy?

The dogsledding. That’s right, on December 6, there’s ‘a two hour tour of the breathtaking Canadian mountain landscape’. Powered by dogs! You know, Nanook of the North, mush, mush, and all that. I’m psyched.

I don’t know how I got in with these heavyweights, but the rest of the faculty are:

Alexandra Samuel,  Social Signal
Darren Barefoot, Head Geek, Capulet
Eric Rice,
Kris Krug, Event Blogger, Sales Director, Bryght
Lee LeFever, Principle, Common Craft
Robert Scales, Managing Director, Raincity Studios
Roland Tanglao, Chief Blogging Officer, Bryght
Will Pate, Sales and Marketing  Director, Raincity Studios

All for a mere CAN $660.70 ($550.26 for a shared room, extra for the dogsledding). That includes tuition fee, meals, accommodations, and processing fee. Alternately, Raincity is running a contest for one lucky blogger.

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  1. Robert Scales

    Great post, I didn’t know you were so excited about the sledding part!

    I’m happy to have you on board Darren, since Mark and I met you and Roland at “Building website for 21st century” at VFS, I’ve wanted to return the favour.

    Looking forward to December. RS

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