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I Flocked Up

Lots of alpha geeks are all atwitter about Flock, a social browser built on top of Mozilla Firefox. It aspires to bring blogging, RSS consumption, Flickr madness and (bloody URL) together in a browser experience.

At the moment, it’s in early open beta, and it shows. It won’t play nice with my Movable Type 3.2 blog (a known issue), and I can’t figure out how to get it to suck in my OPML file. It does have a sexy looking UI, though, and I like the way it handles the baleful world of tags.

Flock has also received a tremendous amount of mainstream buzz. I agree with Mark Evans, who says:

In many ways, I think Flock sadly epitomizes the hype surrounding Web 2.0 where alphas/betas moving into markets dominated by big players attract fawning media coverage from Wired and BusinessWeek. Hey, I’m all for the little guy but this whole build it (cool technology) and they (millions of users) will come thing is getting out of hand…This is one of the frustrating parts of Web 2.0 – everything is hell-bent on creating cool browsers and search engines and RSS readers and “to do” lists but few people can actually come up with a business plan to go along with these new R&D projects. It’s like the dot-com era but worse.

I think the business model is pretty clear (and nothing to be ashamed of): get bought by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or some other big player.

Speaking of tagging, social bookmarking and weird URLs, I know a secret.

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  1. Todd Sieling

    No sweat, Chris. From early on we’ve been thinking of RSS as just another view of whatever we can offer up from ma.gnolia. When you combine something as indispensible as RSS for managing what you give your attention to with ma.gnolia’s unique take on tagging, we have the potential to bring compelling, *relevant* content to users through their tags and RSS.

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