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Live Foal Cams!

For some reason, I ended up on this page of my site, which discusses strategies for equine insemination and, essentially, RealDolls for horses. I glanced at the Google ads on that page, and the first one I read “Foal Cams Live” (see the screenshot for details). I, of course, couldn’t resist, and visited, “your complete source for all things equine”. Check out this deal:

View your horse 24/7 on our web site with a live horse camera starting at only $9.95/month. Take advantage of our free comprehensive classifieds and shop at your leisure at our online tack shop featuring over 5,000 items for your selection.

Ultimately, this is less dirty than I thought, as it’s not just about viewing anybody’s horse, it’s about viewing your horse. Still, it’s a little weird.

If you visit their cam samples page, and click on #5, you’ll see, not a horse at all, but a fluffy little, er, labradoodle. If you ask me, that breed just shouldn’t be. Are these dogs pissy and haughty on odd days, and loyal and friendly on even ones? Do they turn up their noses at every second ball thrown for them? Do they only retrieve rare, gently roasted ducks?

I had no idea the world of horsemanship was so, uh, rich. Another ad on that same page is for Equifone, a device which calls you when your mare is giving birth.

2 Responses to “Live Foal Cams!”

  1. Alex Harford

    I realize you’re joking :-P about the poodles, but they were originally bred as hunting dogs, especially for swimming. That’s where the haircut comes from, to help them paddle through the water.

  2. jo

    I ran into a Labradoodle (and owner) the other weekend in Vancouver here. I felt compelled to ask about the dog because it struck me as rather unusual.

    Apparently the breed was started in order to develop seeing eye dogs for blind people with pet hair allergies. A quick web search bears this out.

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